Keeping Your Lipstick Looking Great

Whether you are dressed up for a night on the town or simply want to keep your professional image through a long day at work, keeping your lipstick from smudging is key. Smudged lipstick ends up on your face, and can also damage or discolor your beverage cups, sealed envelopes, and clothing. Here are some tips to keep your lipstick looking great no matter how long you have to wear it.

The first key step is to start with a quality brand of lipstick. Cheap lipstick will smudge and wear off no matter what you do. High-quality brands cost a bit more, but the extra expense is more than worth it. Many celebrities, television personalities, and business professionals swear by MAC cosmetics for their prominent pigmentation and lasting wear. Another choice for long-lasting lipstick is the Make Up For Ever brand, which advocates say doesn’t come off until you scrub at it.

Second is choosing a shade that will stay. MGetting lipstick to stickost professionals say that you want matte lipstick for a long-lasting look. If you simply must have something shiny, you can top you matte lipstick with lip gloss. This can be easily touched up throughout the night and won’t noticeably smudge onto your face or clothing.

Thirdly, you have to prepare your lips so that the lipstick will stay put once applied. Start by gently exfoliating your lips with a toothbrush dedicated to the purpose – don’t use the same one on your teeth! Follow this up with a moisturizer and then lipliner in a similar color to the lipstick you plan to use. Fill in the liner with your lipstick. One neat trick is to dust your lips with a translucent powder or eyeshadow similar to your lipstick to help make it stick.

Finally, you do have to be somewhat mindful of your behavior while wearing lipstick. Try to eat foods that can be easily popped into your mouth or cut into smaller pieces and eaten with utensils. Dab your lips with a napkin before you take a drink in order to avoid leaving lipstick all over your glass; use a straw whenever possible. In addition, make sure you teeth are kept healthy. If you want more attention towards your mouth, people are going to be looking directly at your teeth as well. Find a local dentist that you feel comfortable with, and not dread going for a checkup.

Long Lasting Lipstick

The perfect made-up look can be hard to maintain when you don’t have the opportunity to touch up for hours. Good lipstick is a shortcut to looking great, so long as you can keep it fresh. Just follow the tips here and you should be ready to go!